School calendar 2022/2023

Our school follows the Irish school calendar (more or less!). There are no classes during school breaks & summer time.

Our school year is divided in 3 terms: the autumn term, the winter term, and the spring term. All of our courses are pay-by-term.

You can find our term date below. Click on “Book a course” to find more about our range of courses, and what days and time they are on!

Autumn term
13 weeks
School reopens on 19/09/2022
Midterm : 31/10/2022 - 6/11/2022
School closes on 22/12/2022
Winter term
11 weeks
School reopens on 9/01/2023
Midterm : 13/02/2023 - 19/02/2023
School closes on 31/03/2023
Spring term
11 weeks
School reopens on 17/04/2023
Teens classes end on 1/06/2023
School closes on 30/06/2023

Intensive courses, workshops and cultural events are offered during school breaks and summer time.

After summer, classes will resume on September 19th.

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