For adults

We provide classes for adults of all levels: from complete beginners who wish to learn French to use on their holidays, intermediate who would like to brush up their French and improve their skills, to advanced who would like to practise their conversational French and learn even more.

To enrol for a course, unless you are a complete beginner, get in touch with us for a free placement test. It includes a written test and a chat in French and will allow us to know what your level is, and which course would suit you best, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Depending on your results to our assessment test, it might be preferable to join a course at the beginning of a new term, or to join a course during a term, if your level matches the group’s current level.

Our courses


This course will suit students who have never learnt French before, with a very basic knowledge of French, or who are going back to study French after a number of years.

A2.1 & A2.2

This is a course for those who have a good basic knowledge of French. For example, they can talk about basic situations in the past, present and future.

B1 & B2

This course will suit students who have a sound knowledge of French, can converse in French already, and wish to become more fluent in the language or refine their skills.

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