To enrol in a class, ask for a free assessment, or any enquiry, please feel free to contact us by email or by completing this form. As we are in class most of the day until late, the best and quickest way to reach us is by email or text: we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Have a question? The answer might be here:

You can send us your enquiry by email, or through the contact form. Once I receive it, I will email you back with all the details of the course that suits your child. I will also send you the link to our online registration form, and payment details. Because we teach very small groups, both need to be filled out / made for the space to be secured. You will then receive a payment confirmation, and we look forward to seeing your child on the first class!

First of all, it is a great idea!

If you are a complete beginner (and I insist on "complete" -> you have never learnt French before. Not even 30 years ago), just contact me through the contact form or by email : let me know what you are looking for. You can also share your motivation for learning French, as it can help us know if a group class or a one to one is more suitable. I will email you back with the details of the course that will suit you.

If you have learnt French before, you need to take our assessment test here! Once I receive your answers, I'll have a good idea of what your level is, and will send you the details of the course that will suit you best. If it works for you, parfait ! You can sign up using the link in my email, and make your payment. Your French adventure has started!

Our classes are for you if :

  • You are looking for classes taught by native teachers. All our teachers come from France, and will share with you not only their language, but also their culture, fun facts and cultural differences: all these little things that make the classes even more interesting, especially if you are thinking of moving to France, or holidaying there!
  • You are looking for a fun and relaxed class: forget about those boring French classes in secondary school. At Rendez-vous français, we firmly believe that you learn better when you're having fun! Yes, even with these annoying irregular verbs. If you are feeling a bit shy, or nervous, these are the perfect classes for you!
  • You want to be able to speak French, straight away! From the very first class, you will be speaking French! Our objective is to teach you how to speak and converse in everyday situations. You won't learn how to write a French essay (unless you want to!). You will learn practical skills, such as understanding that menu in a restaurant, asking for information, complaining because there is no hot water in your Airbnb, and many other things!

Want to give it a try? Take our assessment test, and we'll get back to you with all the details 🙂

Most of our classes take place in our classroom, in Navan town centre (Co. Meath). However we do have a few online classes for adults : if they match your level, you can definitely join them from anywhere in the world!

We don't teach online classes for children, or teenagers, as we believe that they need face to face interaction to learn best.